Long lost Seattle soul Reggie Watts is a one man flotilla of sound. He’s a beat boxing savant. His act flows from comedy into layers of beats and patchwork rap. He goes from multiple languages to gibberish to whale song gangsterdom. Reggie, once Seattle based, sang and sings for the band Maktub, who are releasing a free album called Five on June, 23rd. Now though, he is more focused on his solo, comedic, sound form act and tours the world non stop. He's in Australia now.

Reggie was just on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show. See it - here. (Great overhead HD shot of his Line 6.)

Reggie gave a Line Out interview at a performance with Seattle's Pegasus. He spoke about his gear, his afro, and the nine foot tall stuffed lion that’s standing behind him:

Reggie is a loop maker. He uses the Line 6 DL4:


and the Electro Harmonix 2880: