Murder City Devils just finished the set to beat for the weekend. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the band was fucking tight and rocking out and all that, but the best part by far was what Spencer Moody did in between songs. (The following will be an incomplete account, if anyone has video, audio, or a full transcript, I'd love to see it.)

After playing "I Want a Lot Now (So Come On)," Moody roared, "A lot now, we play these shows in front of a lot of people, and I see a lot of gross, disgusting high school jocks in the audience. But what we do is for all the beautiful faggots, and the rest of you can all eat a big bowl of wet dicks."

He then encouraged the audience to get in their cars that their daddies paid for and go drive home to their daddies' houses. "You think this many people get together and they're all good people," he continued. "They're all shitheads."

Then they played "Dancing Shoes." They played "Idle Hands" and "Dear Hearts," Moody shoving the mic in his mouth and growling, garbled, not giving a fuck, literally falling all over himself.

"I may be stepping out of bounds," he said after another song. "But all the heterosexuals in the audience, all the straights, can just turn around and face the other way. If you don't turn around, I'll accept that you're homos, just like all of us up on the stage."

Then they played "Get Off the Floor": "if you're not gonna dance, get your ass off the floor." (Some guys in sports jerseys with their frat name embroidered on them got their asses off the floor.) They played "It's in My Heart."

"Right now, we play and you all sing and cheer, but after this show, you'll go back to your high schools and pick on the faggots and the kids in the chess club. Fuck you, all of you guys. Who do you think we were? When I went to shows, it was just faggots."

437f/1243381990-murder-2-kelly-o.jpgThey played "Rum to Whiskey" and "I Drink the Wine." Moody wandered off stage after another song and came back with Past Lives' Jordan Blilie cradled in his arms like a baby, holding him for a moment before letting him head back offstage.

The band started playing "Broken Glass," and Moody kicked the mic down, walked over to the organ and palmed the keys, fucking things up, living up to the song. When he did get on the mic, he just bellowed out a strangled, wordless moan: "Ohhhhhhhhh." Then, he delivered a monologue:

"I'm glad you took the time out of your day that you usually would've spent flat-ironing your hair...But before this band, there was a band called Iggy & the Stooges (cheers), and you can cheer all you want, but you don't know a fucking thing." He went on to talk about getting his first copy of Metallic K.O., giving kind of a punk rock origin story for the Murder City Devils. That was the end of the set, and it was fucking brilliant.

You just don't see enough bands turning their whole act into one giant middle finger these days (there were lots and lots of "fuck you"s directed towards the crowd). It was just fucking great.

Top photo by Sean Pecknold. Inset, Kelly O.