The first time I ever saw the Coachwhips (at Funhouse), they set up in the back of the place. Seconds after the second band (the Ponys?) finished, John Dwyer and crew launched into a blistering set, taking most of the audience by complete surprise. Similarly, last night, as Sic Alps winded down inside Funhouse, Thee Oh Sees were soundchecking outside on the basketball court. Nary a minute of dead time, and "Block of Ice" was underway. What followed was a most visceral experience.

"Feel free to keep playing basketball," Dwyer said, before attacking his guitar strings. Three songs in, he'd already deep-throated his microphone four times, somehow still managing to execute all manner of yelps and hoots. Everyone danced. People started crowd surfing. A bottle started making the rounds in the front row. Dwyer took a swig. "Tastes like cancer," he said before handing it back. "Delicious Southern cancer, that is."
Kelly O
  • Kelly O

Thirty minutes into the set, Ty Segal took over second guitar mid-song, and no one missed a beat. It's damn nice that Thee Oh Sees come through as often as they do, because they're a fucking blast every time, and those small shows are the best way to see great showmen. The next show of this caliber is tomorrow. Go there or miss out.