Pony, September 2009
  • Pony, September 2009

I know I originally said August 22nd, then Sept 2nd, but now it's confirmed, as of 27 minutes ago:

Thursday Sept 3rd, 8 pm-2 am
12th and Madison

I wish I could show you more pictures, like the one above, but the owners would rather you just come and see for yourself. I can say, however, the walls have lots of pretty pictures much like the first Pony, the Big Gay Air Hockey Table™ is even bigger and gayer than the old one, the bathrooms look like Klaus Nomi threw up on them, most of the seating is made from recycled church pews, and the bar itself, well, the bar kinda looks like a giant curved penis. I mean, not that I know what a giant curved penis looks like, but I'm guessing.

Pony, August 2007
  • Pony, August 2007

Also of note, attendees on Thursday are encouraged to "dress slutty". There may or may not be a stripper pole somewhere in there.

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