Regarding the recent rumor about the Saturday Knights, Trent Moorman (a Stranger freelancer who sometimes drums for them live) reports that they are putting the band to bed, amicably. According to Moorman, Knights DJ Suspence (Spencer Manio) feels like the rap-rock-rap genre has run its course and he wishes to avoid being pigeonholed in it. With Barfly now living in Los Angeles, it seemed like a good time to cease TSK operations.

Suspence, says Moorman, is putting together a new project (as yet unnamed) that he envisions as being "Seattle's version of Tortoise" and striving to sound like a "live Madlib." The group will include drummers Moorman (Head Like a Kite) and Tyler Swan (Truckasauras, Foscil, Linda and Ron's Dad), guitarist Thomas Hunter (Wild Orchid Children, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground), and bassist Johnny Horn (Wheedle's Groove, Satellite 4).

Moorman says that Suspence is going for a super-raw approach that will incorporate elements of hiphop (Swan will be providing loops and samples, in addition to his timekeeping duties; Moorman will use both a traditional kit and an electric one), psychedelia, and punk. Guest vocalists may be involved. Suspence is currently working on sketches of tracks, with plans to bring in his musicians to flesh out the sound. We'll keep you posted on developments.