Thought it debuted over a week ago, the latest from Tycho has only been earning its keep on my ipod in the past few days, as a welcome aural distraction from this hellishly cold weather. Sandwiched between more seasonally-appropriate winter jams, “Coastal Brake” makes for a warm escape—sunny sounds grounded by a throbbing 4/4 beat. Synth squiggles which recall a less-ominous Ohneotrix Point Never bounce along jetties of bass and drums, and elements cascade in and out of the mix with the kind of deftness you’d expect from an electronic mastermind. Tycho (real name Scott Hansen) is also an accomplished graphic designer, and you can practically measure the width of his ample right brain by charting this track’s pulsing tones; “Coastal Break” is a full-on synesthetic trip. The killer beat drop at the 49-second mark and the track’s graceful, unraveling conclusion are some of the most well-executed things I’ve heard in electronic music this year.

As of this writing, it’s more than 20 degrees warmer in San Fran, Tycho’s base of operations. But I don’t want to begrudge him his meteorological advantage—at least he’s trying to share some warmth with the rest of us.

Pitchfork is among the sites where you can grab an mp3 of “Coastal Brake” for free.