1. Does your electronic accordion have a grappling hook device?
It has a bulky laptop-esque power cord that I converted into a mace. - Philip Kobernik, Hey Marseilles

2. You know Judas Priest right? “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’”? That song?
I recall that song yes. But I myself am not a Judas Priest fan. — Stan Shaff, Audium

3. What’s the point of shredding?
What's the point of going to work in the morning? What's the point of feeding your babies? What's the point of that retarded show Lost? Shredding is a way of life, a statement about how we're being fucked everyday in this world. — Danny Barnes, Black Daisy

4. Does vomiting and playing at the same time interest you?
Oh, I've dreamed of doing it but I don't think it'll happen. I think I'd be more likely to shit myself while playing than barf. — Nat Damm, Akimbo, Sandrider

5. What’s this about Truckasauras and mechanical bulls?
We were contacted by an insurance company that insures establishments that operate mechanical bulls. They were interested in using the Truckasauras brand and its inherent mega-patriotism to promote their company. Naturally, we were eager to work with Mechanical Bull Insurance, rated #1 broker by mechanical bull operators across the United States. — Ryan Trudell, Truckasauras

6. Does gear turn you on?
Synths are sexy. They're covered in knobs, well, the good one's anyway. They beg to be touched and fiddled with.— Keith Negley, Sleepy Eyes of Death

7. What do you think of lighting instruments on fire, in general?
*no response - Jesy Fortino, Tiny Vipers

8. Have you ever had a Canadian man on the air who claimed he was reptilian?
Sasha, Amber's sister, did in fact interview a man in Canada who said that he was a reptilian being, and he meant it. — Garrett Kelly, Hollow Earth Radio

9. What sticks out?
Prince does not allow profanity. And his symbol is everywhere. On the carpet, on the walls, on the pool table. There are also caged doves. — Geoff Stanfield, Sun Kil Moon, Gabriel Mintz

10. How did the songs come together?
We know this guy that lives in a shipping container, it’s really nice, you’d be surprised, and he gives us these acoustic guitar demo tapes that he seems to constantly make. He allows us to steal all the best bits of his songs and rework them into our own pieces. We give him a sandwich or a six-pack of beer, sometimes both, and he seems happy enough. He always asks how the new songs are coming along. — Jeffery Taylor, AFCGT