C.M. Ruiz has designed posters and art for a shit-ton of great bands and shows. His instantly recognizable style is a combination of punk photocopier hi-jinks and scribbled psychedelics. Tomorrow, he has an art show opening at Design Commission (310 South Washington Street, 5-9pm), and it's called "Happy Home":

CMRTYZ presents: Happy Home, a new solo show from CMRuiz. Over the past few years Ruiz has made posters using lots of people's images. In this show he pays homage to all the people and places that he's used to create his body of work.

There will be an original designed xerox "fuzz" wallpaper, an install of a small house built INSIDE of the gallery, and new pieces of original artwork.

Christmas (olympia) is playing the opening and it's early enough to come see Christmas and then go see The Strange Boys at the Comet the same night.

Plus 1st Thurs snacks while they last.

This is Christmas: