The Chicago Reader reports:

Recently revived woman-centric traveling music festival Lilith Fair announced yesterday that in each of its 36 host cities it would donate a dollar from every ticket sold to a women's charity. After becoming a fan of the fest on its official Facebook page, people can vote for which organization in their town they want Lilith's bucks to benefit. The pulldown menu includes about ten choices for most cities, most of them women's shelters or health centers for the underserved, with a synopsis of the services each offers.

Minneapolis and Indianapolis fans are given the option of supporting Metro Women's Center and Indianapolis Life Center, respectively—institutions whose approach to women's reproductive health services (especially birth control and abortion) is guided by an explicitly anti-choice agenda. Several other cities, including Atlanta and Seattle, have potential beneficiaries that offer so-called abortion alternatives and faith-driven pregnancy counseling.

The charity in question here in Seattle is New Beginnings Home, not a "crisis pregnancy center" but a decidedly "pro-life" organization:

For twenty-five years, New Beginnings Home has been available to help young mothers who have chosen life for their babies. Do you know someone who is facing an unplanned pregnancy who perhaps is alone, rejected or just needs a place to live? New Beginnings is a safe haven where unconditional love and friendship are the norm and woman can plan what is best for themselves and their babies while having their physical and emotional needs cared for. A woman finding herself pregnant without a strong support base can be frightened, not knowing where to turn. There are unique challenges to be addressed and there are no easy answers. Single parenting, adoption, marriage — what is best? Yet when these options are considered and walked through in a loving environment, each carries a hope and a future for both mom and child.

Here's a Facebook page for the group Lilith Fair: No money for crisis pregnancy centers!

Lilith Fair comes to the Gorge Amphitheater on Saturday July 3rd.