One of the bands in the Stranger's comprehensive guide to Capitol Hill Block Party is, oops, actually not playing Capitol Hill Block Party.

It's Math & Physics Club (sorry, twee pop indoor kids). They were listed as unconfirmed in an early version of the Block Party schedule sent to the Stranger, and we weren't able to confirm whether they'd be playing or who might be taking their place in time for our print deadline. Here's the nice things Michelangelo Matos had to say about them anyway:


(Sat, 7:45 pm, Neumos Stage) It's one thing to simply make likable music in a well-trod style, but local indie poppers Math and Physics Club do a lot more than that. Their winsome, winning new album, I Shouldn't Look as Good as I Do (Matinée), retrofits mid-'80s Brit twee jangle with superb songs and a healthy dose of humor—there isn't likely to be a better rock-life song from anyone this year than the amazingly quotable "We're So DIY!": "Got some songs/Gonna start an indie band/Talking trash/Hanging out with Tullycraft." MM

As for who's playing the Neumos stage Saturday at 7:45pm instead, the CHBP website says, "7:45PM - TBA."

We'll let you know as soon as we get updated information.