The Lights, Whalebones, the Young Evils

(High Dive) While waiting for his order at Caffe Vita before our interview, Troy Nelson sings along to Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" as it harnesses its staccato, malevolent dirges over the PA. His band, the Young Evils, though, couldn't be farther in tone from those doom-metal pioneers. Despite their name, the Young Evils, who feature Nelson's girlfriend Mackenzie Mercer on vocals and tambourine, traffic in some of the city's sweetest pop-rock confections. And, man, are they a cute couple. You're going to love to hate them—or, more likely, love them like you do kittens. They are awww-some. DAVE SEGAL

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PizzaFest: Personal & the Pizzas, Slippery Slopes, Dead Ghosts, Cowabunga Babes, Lamborghiniz, Whoa Hunx

(Funhouse) Sitting at Big Mario's, eating pizza and drinking beer and waiting for bands to e-mail back for a feature wherein they answer stupid/funny questions about pizza, it's becoming glaringly obvious that this may not be the best way to write about Pizza­Fest, an annual celebration of pizza and bands that revere pizza, which is going down this weekend at the Funhouse.

Last year, it was in Chicago. This year, it's Seattle. As "Pizza" Pete Capponi, a co-organizer of this year's fest, tells it, "Our friend Brian Costello from Johnny and the Limelites says to Ruben [Mendez, co-­organizer of this year's PizzaFest] and me, with a mouth full of deep-dish, 'Yo, PizzaFest should be in Seattle next year...' and PRESTO!! PizzaFest 2010!"

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Brain Fruit, Joy Wants Eternity, the Soft Hills, Foxtail Somersault

(Black Lodge) Seattle's Brain Fruit channel the motoriktacular repetition of krautrock masters like Can, Faust, and Neu! into crispy, third-eye-punching jams that you hate to hear end. But rather than the clean, aerodynamic glide of the latter's "Hallogallo," Brain Fruit's sound spills outside of the lanes, runs off the autobahn, and shakes up your equilibrium. I'm pleased to report that they've increased their MySpace song count to seven, and their songs pack a serious kosmische wallop, but they also roll pastoral, like midperiod Cluster. If Brain Fruit keep this up, they will be my favorite local band by 2011. San Francisco quintet Foxtail Somersault carry on an unabashed love affair with the gauzy, dreamy, spacey British rock that sprang up in the late '80s/early '90s. Foxtail's music—featuring Elizabeth Anderson's enchantingly dulcet vocals—is a Lush Cocteaul [sic] served with Verve. DAVE SEGAL

A Tribute to the Kinks: Sean Nelson, Guided by Dan, Gavin Guss, Erin Jorgensen, the Raggedy Anns, Matt Harvey, the Small Change, Kimo Muraki, the Sterling Loons, Dept. of Energy, the Riffbrokers, Jet Sparks, the Quaifes

(Sunset) The pithy Brit poppers get an evening-length tribute at the Sunset, where tonight a ton of local talent tackles Kinks kompositions. On the bill (along with suggested songs for each): Sean Nelson ("God's Children"), Guided by Dan ("Rosie, Won't You Please Come Home"), Gavin Guss ("Big Sky"), Erin Jorgensen ("Art Lover"), the Raggedy Anns ("Shangri-La"), Matt Harvey ("Mindless Child of Motherhood"), the Small Change ("Tired of Waiting for You"), Kimo Muraki ("Two Sisters"), Dept. of Energy ("Lola"), and more. DAVID SCHMADER

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