Chromeo Sound Check this week. They play Showbox Market tonight.

I followed up with Dave 1 about a couple things:

Has P-Thugg ever accidentally spat on you using his talk box? Because with that tube hanging out of his mouth all the time, it’s bound to get dangerous.
Dave 1: No, actually. No fluid has been exchanged. In fifteen years of friendship and playing, there have been no fluids exchanged.

If you were an amusement park ride, what would you be?
The Tunnel of Love. You get in the tunnel, the lights go off, and you see a bunch of eyeballs. It would be called “The Lights Off.” The ride is Chromed out, of course.

I’ll look for that soon at an amusement park near you. Any fluids exchanged there?
Coney Island, baby. Bring it. No, Chromeo Island is the name of the island. There could be some fluid exchanging there, yes.