In Sound Check this week, DJ DV One expounds on his mixtape making and his fullproof, can’t lose gambling system. It all comes down to the steak sauce. Go HERE to choose from any of the forty free, downloadable DV One mixes. They will float you. And coat you with delectable sauces.

The I’m ur Pimp mix, a studied dedication to the niche of pimp music, is one of DV's tastier offerings. There’s Bill Withers, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, the Meters, Suga Free, Curtis Mayfield, Solomon Burke, One Way, Willie Hutch, and more:

Could you say something about the niche of pimp music? What made you want to put I’m ur Pimp together?

DV One: One thing about pimpin that you gotta know: THE GAME IS SOLD NOT TOLD! Another thing you gotta know, is pimps don’t cry. Pimps are misunderstood and often times mislabeled. Whoever invented A1 steak sauce is a pimp. This mix was made for people who may not understand why wearing alligator shoes and silk suits with a perm is important in life. Ya know? It’s hard out here for a pimp.

DV One spins Friday and Saturday nights at the Tulalip Casino in the mpulse Lounge. He'll be at Neumos on Thursday, Sept. 2nd as part of the Red Bull Big Tune Tour.