A psychedelic hardcore sludge pre-post metal band approaches our city. A phone interview had been set up. When the band pulled into a gas station for fuel, the band member who was set up to do the interview saw this advertisement, and became upset. Now he won’t do the interview. He is somewhat Buddhist and believes strongly in karma. Apparently, he has a young niece or nephew that saw the ad too (who is following with family members in another vehicle), and this niece or nephew didn’t understand why a big gas company would think that smooshed bugs are funny. This somewhat Buddhist hardcore metal musician did not enjoy having to explain the ad to his niece or nephew. The voicemail I received from another one of the band members was vague, and I was sent this picture. They extended condolences for this bandmate not doing the interview, and said he was sitting in the back of the van or bus sketching in his notebook, eating potato chips, and cussing about the cycle of suffering and rebirth for each being.