So the big news is that last night at Madison Square Garden, Daft Punk made a surprise appearance and played two songs with fellow Frenchmen Phoenix (which means that, technically speaking, Wavves opened for Daft Punk. What the enfer?).

But did you know that Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem-Cristo, in their pre-Daft Punk days, had an indie rock band with Phoenix bassist Laurent Brancowitz? The trio called themselves Darlin' and it was a review of their music which gave Bangalter and Homem-Cristo the idea for the name of their next project:

"In 1992, heavily influenced by the Beach Boys, they recorded a song under the name Darling [sic], which in turn found its way onto a compilation single issued on Stereolab's Duophonic label. A review in the UK's Melody Maker described their effort as 'a bunch of daft punk'"

In other Daft Punk news, their final character poster for Tron: Legacy (wait, huh?) premiered online today, and you can view it below. Warning: it's a .gif.


And in other Tron: Legacy news, you can get your first taste of Back to the Future the Ride's Tron: Legacy project (due out on Dec. 7th, the same day that Daft Punk's soundtrack drops) on his tumblr page.