The Intelligence Tour Journal: Entry One


I love this post and look forward to more. It makes me scared of ever thinking about being in a touring band.
I think you captured the essence of North Dakota really well here.

Fantastic post, Lars.
i love The Intelligence. but passing up bong rips??? this is confusing.
keep 'em coming, lars! yer best work yet!
(oh, and have lots of fun!)
when I first started reading this, I thought it was gonna be like when that dude from head like a kite bored everybody with his stories about trying to decide if he missed his old girlfriends on tour or whatever.

pleasantly surprised. more, please.
Good to see indie-booked tours haven't changed in the last 25 years. The only difference here is the blog documentation. Keep that ironic sense of humor, without it you guys are done for.
Yeah, waiting at Mootsy's for Pat Smick to get off work is a drag.
townies talk with such amazing accents in Fargo. wish you'd bring back one of those, plus that shower curtain, back to Seattle
Hey Lars. I hope you guys are doing well. I also hope you had a burger at the Taco Treat. The "tacos" there are neither a taco or a treat. Shiny side up.
This is great. I love the image of a touring rock band crammed in a van listening to Erik Satie (hopefully Vexations, 840 times in a row).
you missed out on playing the Dickinson S(tudents).A(gainst).D(estructive).D(ecissions). clubhouse in the basement of the music store. According to the signage spray painted above the stage there was to be 'No Profanty'
Oh man, you were in Dickinson and didn't stop into Prairie Outpost Park? to see the Petrified Wood dug up by the Dickinson Coal Company? Fascinating.

And don't just breeze past Beach either. There's some codgers there that'll tell you some eye-popping stories....