And twenty drummers are performing for a show at MOCA in downtown LA tomorrow. It’s $5,000 a plate, designed by artist Doug Aitken. Yoko Ono and shit. I’m one of the drummers. Day two of rehearsals today. We are about to rehearse with Beck and Devendra Banhart and a choir from south central LA. There are six auctioneers who do their thing in round with the drummers. We are playing ‘sonic tables.’ They are basically giant slit drums. A chorus of auctioneers going off to a drum line of slit drums. A frenzied vocal cadence and hum. The whip guy has two whips and sounds like a tornado of snap n pops. There are badasses, and there are complete badasses. He is a complete badass. (Note to self: get a whip.) I’ve been banging on a big tom drum all day with Zach Hill. (Hella, Boredoms, also complete badass.) Zach Hill does not suck at drums.