1. As of last night anyway, the Stumbling Monk was all out of not only both their Christmas ales on tap (the St. Bernardus, which is excellent, and another one I can't recall today and which I've been thus far prevented from sampling due to last night's outage) but also out of Hoegarden, which is like the Belgian beer bar equivalent of running out of Rainer or something.

2. With the exception of Hoegarden, it's important to remember that three of any combination of beers from the Stumbling Monk's taps is going to be equivalent to about 8 "regular" beers. It's good to keep this in mind when making your hangover calculations (or when working out how many of Tacos Gringos' tacos it will take to absorb the alcohol [two little tacos per Belgian beer, IMO].)

This has been a public service announcement.