You guys filmed this video at eight in the morning. How was that?

Michael Lee (singer/guitarist/songwriter): Yes. A few weeks ago on a Tuesday, at eight in the morning, my band Mal de Mer gathered at Pony, one of our favorite watering holes, to shoot a video for our first single "Bubble Bobble." That hour of the day is not one that I have ever associated with being at Pony. With one of my best friends since third grade Ryan Taggart directing, our pals Nick Garrison and Ade Connere graciously agreed to star in what may go down as one of the hastiest productions ever committed to tape. The process was very thorough. We ordered some pizzas, set up some lighting in an over-sized glory hole, and rolled tape. I learned a few valuable things from this experience:

*Lip-syncing is embarrassing.
*Ade somehow looks even better under the big film lights than in the moonlight.
*That "Jesus Is" billboard campaign is a guerilla Mad Lib artist's wet dream (click photo -->).

Mal de Mer plays KEXP's Audioasis this Saturday 2/5 at the Sunset with Jen Wood and Hallways.