Last Friday instead of going to the Nobunny show, Sarah Moody and I drove to Port Townsend, WA. When I moved to Seattle, nobody at all informed me of the totally weird and ruling music scene in Port Townsend. We arrived in town and went directly to a bar called Sirens. It was around midnight and we were just in time to see a G.G. Allin spacerock cover band called GG ALIEN. Essentially it was 3 dudes and a girl and they had fake crummy G.G. Allin tattoos and they played G.G. Allin songs but would medley them with Hawkwind, Von LMO, Zolar X, Jobriath, etc. Also, they'd punch each other in the face in the middle of the songs. The bar was 1/2 full and nobody really seemed to understand what was happening. I saw a flier for the show and apparently we'd missed another band called TOMBS FROM THE CRYPT which was a Rocket From The Crypt / Rocket From The Tombs cover band. I fully intend to move to Port Townsend to finally start a Motley Cure cover band. "Too Young To Fall (Friday I'm) In Love," ETC.

Always Was Is and Always Shall Be(ings from outer space).
  • Always Was Is and Always Shall Be(ings from outer space).

Hot Food News Tip: The best burger in drizzleville is moving to White Center! Owned by Blaine Cook, one time member of the Accused, Zippy's Giant Burgers is switching locations because White Center is the best place in America to have a business. Last month the Belle & I bought 30 hamburgers from Zippy's to take to Suzie Strait's birthday party and the guy at the register seemed mad that I ordered so much food. When I tacked a Cheerwine onto the order he became absolutely livid. Just imagine what will happen when the totally wasted patrons of Marv's Broiler stumble over to Chez Zip! It will be a total battle, with fists!

Mustard Splatterheads Grumpy Counterperson.
  • Mustard Splatterhead's Grumpy Counterperson.

Rad Podcast Alert: If you like hardcore punker music played and talked about by handsome older men, you'll just love TOTAL POSEURS, the newest and best computer music file radio show on the Internet. It is made by Dave Hernandez & Derek Erdman with this week's guest Ruben Mendez & Lacey Swain. It is so good, we play Raw power and 0DFX & Lacey tells a story about a baby with a back-piece tattoo. That rules of curse, DUH.


Great Moment In Caperin' History: Sometimes when I have to send a lot of big things in the mail, I really need boxes. Last week Lacey told me I could get some boxes at Sub Pop. I went to Sub Pop and helped put 843 CDs into envelopes. Afterward I sauntered through the mail room (hey, James Bertram!) and spied a mountain of boxes that I thought were for the taking. NOT SO, declared employee Mark Arm. "I like to put the little boxes into the big boxes," he explained. My disappointment must have been obvious as he allowed me to have some boxes out of pity. You can't find boxes in the garbage in Seattle, they are always wet.

Boxes: dont keep them out of my face!
  • Boxes: don't keep them out of my face!

In Chicago during 1987 some people with an extra strong TV transmitter broke through an episode of Doctor Who on the WTTW network:

Well known writer Michael Azerrad wrote regarding about last week's Fricke / Moore / Rollins debacle. During our emails he didn't request that I make a drawing of Red Sox-era Dennis Eckersley dressed as a woman and renamed Denise Eckersley. I borrowed his Nirvana book from Kerri Harrop when I went to her house to give her an owl painting and eat chili. She played me Talulah Gosh, OMG(OSH):

Well, HELLO Denise Eckersley.
  • Well, HELLO Denise Eckersley.

Old, rare & totally weird book to read to your children alert: The Story of Little Kettlehead - An Awful Warning To Bad Babas or The Story Of Little Degchie-Head By Helen Bannerman.

Is it illegal to scan a dog named Chuy? I reckon well find out.
  • Is it illegal to scan a dog named Chuy? I reckon we'll find out.