He smells like wood because hes into knives.
  • He smells like wood because he's into knives.
This guy is going to kill someone, at some point, if he hasn’t already. Or go on a shooting spree on a college campus. There is an Insane Clown Posse patch on his jacket. He’s been at Gameworks downtown playing a Rambo video game for the last two hours. It’s one of those games with a gun you fire at the screen. He doesn’t take his eyes from the screen. Unblinking. He holds the gun way too seriously, like it’s a Faberge Egg that he knows personally. He’s shaved bald, talking to himself, and he smells like fresh cut wood. When he misses, or doesn’t get to ‘the next level’ he becomes angry. Too angry.

I walked by, two hours ago, heading to Pike Market. Walked back by a little bit ago, and he’s still there. I went in, for a closer look-see.

Someone should call the cops and arrest this guy, right now. It's a sunny day, a person shouldn’t be playing this video game this long. I heard him say the word, “Fortnight.” WHAT?? This guy has people chained to tables, somewhere in Eastern Washington, in a subterranean room, and he’s doing things to their fingers, toes, and skin with chemicals. He also plays with Star Wars figures on their foreheads.

The Rambo game says, “Be the ultimate warrior ‘Rambo’ and shoot and rage!” Holy fucking shit. Whoever is downtown, get out now.