Neumos Impressions Initially Quick: Four co-joined in tribal hip hop psychedelia. Two he's, two she's. Handing beats out, offering them up. Verse hymns. Incense. Hand drums, lights in sheets, button drums, and electronics. Lulling, arid psychotropic tempos, the Ish-stoic knows it, scrolled it, street microscoped it. With wit he wise, wicker chair hosted it. Sample-cut, chain thickening, rap breezed, no shirt night talk show. Sofa onstage. Somehow Morocco. A Sub Pop empress had a royal seat and was treated to demos live with the crowd. It felt like summer in there.

Coated and framed by DJ sets from languid wall man of sly'd ease, OC Notes.

Been awake here for twenty-four hours straight. Sleep now fastens my head to plains, and bed.