An Idiot Like I Am: My First Regret of 2011


I still see it as a "taking back the streets from the hipsters" anthem. However, I did look up the 10th & Spring address in the lyrics...while they don't actually cross each other, they do come within a block of each other - and oddly enough directly between them is the Polyclinic (at 1145 Broadway).

The hospital theme didn't even cross my mind prior to your article, though the lyrics in the song immediately following it ("I Would Like Everything") that go “So, your relapse is more what I call a cry for attention” do give good cause to pause for reconsideration (but again, it's all up to interpretation).
I am only commenting because I thought it would be amusing in a meta kind of way for your post, which pertains to the one comment you got on your review, to itself get twice as many comments.
@2: I'll see your meta and raise you by commenting on your comment, thus making your comment as commented on as the original review.
I just take pictures and it's all magic to me.
this is really old, but my band debated the lyrics of this song driving back up from the bay area yesterday. I'm sorry, but that whole hospital thing sounds like something you come up with after someone points out that the lyrics are kinda silly.

That said, Mychal succeeded in making us debate one of his songs, so good for him!