From Stanley Crouch's 1985 essay "Considering Genius":
…A rail-tailed Negro named Michael Jackson sold more copies of a single album than any singer or instrumentalist in recorded history…a blind Negro named Stevie Wonder has earned more dollars than the most popular composers and instrumentalists in both jazz and European concert music…a horse-faced Negro from the South named Lionel Ritchie pulls down millions for songs that contain so little melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic character that even the most imaginative jazz musicians haven't tried to use them as bridges to a larger audience in the way they could when the best of Tin Pan Alley was in flower.
Yes, he called Lionel Ritchie a horse-faced negro. Crouch does not like black popular music or Ritchie's face. In Crouch's world, you will not find a single jazz musician who has the face of a horse.