Didn't arrive downtown until almost 11:30 pm. Beeline for Emo's to catch rasta-punks Bad Brains. Somehow got to sneak in the side door entrance, and promptly tripped on a set of stairs in front of several members of the band. I never realized Bad Brains were tall, handsome black men. It was embarrassing, but worth it, 'cause they played a killer set. The Black Lips followed the Brains with one of the most raucous and rowdiest sets I've seen in forever. Jared screamed the lyrics to 'O, Katrina'. That song sounds better that way, if you ask me.

Today hopefully includes Davila 666, Thee Oh Sees, Duran Duran, Yelawolf, Ritchie Hawtin, Black Milk, Big Freedia, and The Wu-Tang Clan. There are 9,789,538,812,693 people here. The Kansas airport sucks whitetail deer balls. Lots more to come. Happy St. Patricks Day from Kelly O'Neil, from Ireland's own Kelly O'Neils.