Vanessa Williams was born on this day in New York in 1963 to parents who declared, "LOOK, IT'S MISS AMERICA!" when she appeared. She grew up in a quaint neighborhood and eventually went to college to study the French horn (?), but left to enter some beauty pageants. Eventually she won all of the beauty pageants, even the most important one.

Vanessa Williams is Roman Catholic.
  • Vanessa Williams is Roman Catholic.

Soon after, an anonymous phone caller declared that he had nude pix and would sell them to the highest bidder. Nude pix king Hugh Hefner declined to buy the photos because of some sort of ethical reasons, but Penthouse (& Omni) founder Bob "Robert Charles Joseph Edward Sabatini Guido Guccione" Guccione was happy to buy and print the sweet, racy nudes. He somehow made $14 million off of the hot pix and Vanessa Williams was stripped (!) of the Miss America crown and filed a bunch of lawsuits. Eventually, she decided that she should make some records and released The Right Stuff in 1988. She found great success three years later with her record The Comfort Zone, which featured "Running Back To You," which reached high positions on important music charts. In this song, Williams declares that she's not going to come running back to you (the listener) and that you'll think of all of the love she's given you and then she's going to give it to somebody else. In 2008, Williams was interviewed by Barbara Walters and stated that she was crazy about Botox and described it as, "a miracle drug, no cutting, nothing, and I love it. But I also want to act, so I don't do it to freeze my face."

Happy Birthday, Vanessa Williams!