This is part of an ongoing series in which Seattle duo Brain Fruit travel through India, Istanbul, and Berlin. You can find all the previous entries here. —Eds.


After a few weeks of Indian food, you need a break here and there. Ronald, Where Y'at!? Happy Holi from McDonalds, it's time to go to the local fancy American restaurant. Seriously, this Indian McDonalds was fancy pants. Two floors—what?!


Even though we'd cleaned ourselves of Holi for a second time, we still looked like some sort of giant, bloody zombie foreigners. We quickly ordered a pair of Chicken Maharaja Mac meals and a single Mc Aloo Tikki burger (?!!??!) and retreated to a nearby booth. The Maharaja was exactly like a Big Mac, but the patties were all smooth/white/subtly spiced. I'm still not sure exactly what the Mc Aloo Tikki was, but we think it was some sort of dal masala curry patty thing. Weirdest fast food award. I feel satisfied that I can go yet another 10 years without McDonalds.


Q: Indian spiced fried chicken?
A: Does chili go with cheese?
I smell Indian KFC in our future.