Titus Andronicus - A More Perfect Union by jasonfharper

Titus Andronicus

(Vera) Hailing from New Jersey and trafficking in passionately anthemic rock 'n' roll, Titus Andronicus draw easy comparisons to the overarching young Springsteen. Blessed with a singer who sounds shockingly like Paul Westerberg, Titus Andronicus also earn comparisons to prime Replacements. In a rare occurrence, the comparisons fit (though the band is young enough to perhaps be drawing what I call Springsteenisms from the Hold Steady). Whatever the case, they're awesome—smart, passionate, dramatic, and fuck-it-all lovable. Tonight's show at the Vera Project (Seattle's best-sounding rock room) should be something to remember and/or regret missing. DAVID SCHMADER

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