I hope y'all know The Shaggs. If not...they were a Fremont, New Hamshire family, sisters, who were strong armed into playing music by their father. He managed them and "produced" their music all because his mother thought the girls were, or rather should be, headed for stardom. However, the girls, honestly...had NO MUSICAL TALENT, they didn't even want to be a band. But, talent notwithstanding, they sure tried to get good, they were home schooled so they could practice all day LONG. Turns out tho', in the end, greatness they did achieve as their album is one of the best/worst records ever. People are currently freaking out over Rebecca Black, but seriously...her weird awfulness can't hold a candle next to the Shaggs dark matter brilliance. As for the break...the wickedness drops at 0:09. Shit be CRACKIN'!!