Caperin': Different Break-up Comforts For Everybody.


Kelly O: I Don't Feel So Happy No More
How the hell do you know Annie Hagar? Her mom taught my 11th & 12th grade art classes.
I dunno. I guess I just met her.
"You're Breakin My Heart" By Harry Nilsson was the record my Dad put on for me in the garage of our house, late at night when I was 16 and devastated over my first breakup. He told me about how dumb and evil boys really were, and to not expect things to change much as I got older....Ever since, its been my go to song for breakups and also reminds me of my dearly departed Daddy Man. <3
it's cute. grandy just posted his breakup soundtrack like, 3 weeks ago.
i listened to the entire murder city devils' catalog almost obsessively when i finally left my god-awful abusive ex. i listened to it because i was angry and sad, and all my other sad songs were too sentimental and romantic. this dude didn't deserve anything except a turd fedexed to him.

i forgot about this until i went to go see the murder city devils and nearly had a panic attack. all of those feelings of hate and feeling fucked up had been intertwined with those songs and i felt like i was having a PTSD episode, reliving them all.

i guess its a good thing that i tend to, rather abrasively, do the breaking up with few lingering feelings.
And not a single person said The Wrens. For shame.
that heavy metal parking lot drawing is the coolest thing to happen today.
Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley, when dealing with the death of a loved one
I'm not going through a breakup, but that picture of Dale Chihuly cheered me up anyway
Mary J. Blige: all her album are amazing, but The Breakthrough totally got me through a divorce.
Peter Murphy reminds me of college BF and the most painful breakup ever. He left me after 3 years ON VALENTINE'S DAY for a smokin hot Brazilian folk singer(Haha...her career went nowhere). Kinda liked to torture myself by listening to Peter Murphy to see how low I could get after that one.

Bob Mould Last Dog & Pony brings me back to Jizzlick, the old guy I rebounded w/ and who liked to eat his own love lost on that one...but a break up is still a breakup
Dave and I were just talking about that the other day, and mine was any Jeff Buckley and his was any Cure. Bittersweet would be the perfect description of how Jeff Buckley makes me feel. A few days later when Dave had left to go on tour I got a package in the mail and it was Jeff Buckley, Live at Sin-e, which I didn't have yet. So sweet...bittersweet.
But if I ever need cheering up....Eazy Duz It does the trick
That Heavy Metal Parking lot drawing is a spitting image of Kerri Harrop.
Jason Molina's first solo record Pyramid Electric Co. on repeat, anything by Songs:Ohia or the Magnetic Fields, and Lost Wisdom by Mount Eerie/Julie Doiron. Let the tear gates open!
anything by REO Speedwagon.