I Drove the Wrong Way on I-90


About 10 years ago,(we didn't have cell phones or gps units), I was visiting friends in El Paso for the first time, and we went to Juarez all night. The next day we all felt like hell, and I had a 4-ish hour drive straight north halfway through New Mexico, where I lived. I took the interstate, and my girlfriend fell asleep in the car while still in El Paso.

I'm sure we had some Velvet Underground playing or something relaxing like that. The desert was ugly. So ugly, uglier than I had ever noticed. Nasty dry cacti. Brown everywhere. I kept bringing up how dry and desolate it was down in this part of the state. She would just kinda go "...hmm? *yawn*, oh yeah. Huh.".

We crossed the continental divide. I mentioned that that was interesting, I had no idea you crossed that on the drive from El Paso to Socorro, and I had never realized how close Arizona was. Half asleep, she said she had never noticed either of these things before either.

After something like two hours she finally woke up. At the EXACT same moment we looked at a mileage marker, and had an epiphany. Somehow I had gone WEST towards Arizona(and almost made it too!) instead of NORTH. It turns out that when leaving El Paso on the interstate, you need to take an EXIT to get on the OTHER INTERSTATE GOING NORTH.
Avtar, thank you. That was beautiful. Read it 3 times. If I had had Velvet Underground on, I probably would have made it to the Atlantic.
Jesus.. did I really have to relive this? Moron.
If any of my bandmates ever did this, I would never cease giving them hella shit.

Considering I do 90% of the driving, I will be the one most likely to do this, and they will give me hella shit.
don't do drugs.
"Magellan" is good. Ace insult.
I bet Yanni wouldn't have made such a boner mistake.
Here's the rules when touring:

1. Always at least two people awake: the driver and the navigator. The navigator is the person who sits next to the driver and makes sure the driver is awake and going in the right fucking direction.

2. If you sit in the front of the vehicle, you are either the driver or navigator.

3. If you want to sleep, you cannot sit in the front.

Here the lesson ends.
More like, lay off the Thom Yorke.

Fnarf, indeed.

Pinksoda, Yanni has drivers.
I still heart you, Trent! But yes, "Magellan" is a good one. XOXOX
a few years ago, a bus driver got lost driving us from a swim meet in Illinois back to Nebraska. He pulled into a gas station in the middle of the night and we all woke up to find that we were in Missouri instead of Iowa or Nebraska. This was after he'd gotten on the interstate going the wrong direction leaving town.
Wow, as someone who is from Western Montana, I have no sympathy. Yeah it was raining, but wow does it look totally different west of Bozeman compared to east of Bozeman.

It would have been really funny if they had kept going east on 90 since it is closed not far out of Billings due to a flooded river:


@8 That doesn't just apply to touring. Them's the rules for any road trip whatsoever.
Reminds me of a scene from that one movie... Now which movie was that...
Trent, this wouldn't have happened with me sitting shotgun, with my vigilant GPS'ing. you know this.
I dated a girl who looked like Shelley Duvall, but meatier, with a fantastic rack.
Yanni's having a good laugh about this..
Aww, bummer!
Part of you just didn't want to go to Spokane. And who could blame it?
Trent, you are an A+ human. I did this, once, in the Smoky Mountains. Not with a band, but with a bunch of cranky Midwesterners. Tom, I mean 'Thom' Yorke, had nothing to do with it. I think it was The White Stripes.