The duo once known as GamesJoel Ford and Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never)—have an outstanding mix up on Altered Zones that roams around some of the headiest sectors of high-altitude prog rock, rococo-puffed jazz fusion, and kosmische-synth swirl & flutter. The big revelation for me was French guitarist Alain Renaud, whose work demands further scrutiny, if the blazing track here, "Opening Opus 19," is any indication.

Ford & Lopatin: "Roughly Fusion Mix II" by alteredzones

01 Alain Renaud: "Opening Opus 19"
02 Claude Larson: "High Tech"
03 Frank Zappa: "Night School"
04 Richard Pinhas: "Greenland"
05 Edward Artemiev: "Meeting on the Milky Way"
06 Jean-Luc Ponty: "Watching Birds"
07 Patrick Gauthier: "Mixtur-Trautonium"
08 Heldon: "Elphanta"
09 Steve Tibbetts: "Ur"