Its Only Rock & Roll (But Tyler Likes It)
  • Kelly O
  • It's Only Rock & Roll (But Tyler Likes It)
The Rolling Stones of Seattle play tomorrow night, Friday, June 10th at the Comet. The Rolling Stones are a Rolling Stones cover band that put their own spin and take on the Stones’ songs and sounds. Members include vocalist Jordan Blilie (Blood Brothers, Past Lives), Justin Deary (Whalebones), Devin Welch (Shoplifting, Flexions, Blood Brothers), Nat Sahlstrom (Chromatics), reggae extraordinaire Chava Mirel, and drummer/locksmith Tyler Swan (Truckasauras, Flexions, Foscil, Linda & Ron’s Dad). Tyler, a child of the Rolling Stones' music, was brought up in a world of Stones listening, learning, and appreciating. In preparation for tomorrow night’s show, he made Line Out a couple of Stones-ish mixes:

Tyler Stones Mix 1: 1. “All The Tired Horses” -Bob Dylan, 2. “Country Boy” -Otis Spann, 3. “Walkin' Blues” -the Butterfield Blues Band, 4. “I Can't Quit You Baby” - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, 5. “Mary Mary” -the Butterfield Blues Band, 6. “Anzio Ann” -Mick Taylor, 7. “Coming Your Way” -Fleetwood Mac, 8. “What Do You Want” —Yardbirds

Tyler Stones Mix 2: 1. “I'm Not Talking” —Yardbirds, 2. “Someone To Love” —Yardbirds, 3. “I Ain't Superstitious” -Jeff Beck, 4. “Baby (What You Want Me To Do)” -Ike and Tina, 5. “Mystery Train” -the Band, 6. “Yazoo Street Scandal” -Bob Dylan and the Band, 7. “Meet Me In The Morning” -Bob Dylan, 8. “I'm A Fool For A Cigarette/Feelin' Good” -Ry Cooder

Where is this music from? How does it tie into the Stones?

Tyler: These songs are from my Dad's old records. I think it was what people bought waiting for the next Stones record to come out. A lot of it is the mid to late sixties, even early seventies British and American blues/rock scene. Mick Taylor came to the Stones from John Mayall’s group after Peter Green and Eric Clapton. Jeff Beck from the Yardbirds later did stuff with Ron Wood and Rod Stewart - all old jam buddies with the Stones. Ike and Tina are featured in the Stones’ Gimme Shelter movie. Paul Butterfield's group was part of the American equivalent of the younger blues/rock scene. Ry Cooder played on a bunch of Stones stuff like Let it Bleed. In a way, everything on these mixes has a direct connection to the Stones except for maybe Dylan and the Band, but they probably do as well somehow. I don't know the shit just rules.