Yes Derek Erdman and Charles Mudede, I agree with you early U2 is the goods. Hell, I'll even go as far as to admit that I owned Achtung Baby on tape. BUT, as we all know, the boys that once made War and Boy no longer reside in the bodies of the wankers who parade around under the name these days. Example: In an 8-4 vote, the California Costal Commission recently rejected a proposal from the Edge, in which he intends build five mansions on a bluff above Malibu. LA Times has the story:

"In 38 years of this commission's existence, this is one of the three worst projects that I've seen in terms of environmental devastation," Peter Douglas, the agency's executive director, said in an interview after the vote. "It's a contradiction in terms — you can't be serious about being an environmentalist and pick this location" given the effects on habitat, land formation, scenic views and water quality.

More fun details on the Edge's proposed home:

· 1) It would be 12,785-square-feet
· 2) It would be called "Leaves in the Wind"
· 3) It would be named so for "undulating green roof meant to emulate fluttering leaves."