As we approached the last few hundred miles of what was a 16 hour drive home to Seattle from our college in Whittier California we became overcome with excitement with our first sighting of familiar places, Such as the Portland Nike Outlet, the Tacoma Dome, whatever all those buildings are in Olympia and finally our first sight of the Seattle skyline off of I5. After our first 7 months or so living away from the city we grew up in we were finally back home…this is the emotion we tried to capture in this song and video…Seattle Summers like YEEEE We were able to capture this thanks to Morgan Backus who gave us yet another dope ass beat, Zac Macconnel who made this video, Spike and Jamari who have been our musical spiritual guides, Parker who recorded it for us, and of course Beeba..this is his vision..YEEE

Yet another Seattle summer party jam from the town's hiphop contingent; this time it's Brothers From Another, glad to be home after their first year of school in California. BFA's fresh-scrubbed life-love is posi as it gets, and pretty damn infectious. Still, as 206-prideful as I am, I'm glad I spent today scooting around LA, even if they don't say 'hella' or sell Rainier brew (sign I saw today, atop a liquor store: "hipsters raise a cheer, PBR is LA's new favorite beer"). Go see BFA at the Capitol Hill Block Party on Friday night, at the Vera Stage; they and the excellent Kung Foo Grip split a paltry 20 minute set, but it oughta be fun.