The Funhouse got rid of their pool table. They also acquired some more pinball machines and built new booths. I was sitting in one of the new booths when an inebriated step-dad tumbled into me and told me to move. Then he sat next to me and touched all of the things that were placed on the table in front of me: a bottle of beer, a phone and two waxy crumpled balls of paper that had been in my ears. My eyes grew wide from surprise and he walked away. Seconds later the guitar player from Tit Pig was yelling for the door person, notifying him that the drunk person was annoying. High five, guy!

All of the bands had ruled so far. Botherations play extremely competent punker music that I'll stoop to call a cross between Christian Death & Bad Religion. I'm stooping because comparisons are dumb to make. I was involved in a three minute conversation on the patio about how good the drummer is. The Pharmacy is quickly becoming my favorite band in town. I had shivers when they played "Chinese Finger Trap." Of course the Unnatural Helpers were as wonderful as usual. As Tit Pig sound checked, I went outside because it was so loud. Soon after Lacey came outside and made the finger helicopter motion which meant we were leaving. Apparently Sean Evoy kicked the inebriated step-dad in the chest as he chose to climb the stairs during Tit Pig's set. I was told that he was flung into a wall with great force and collapsed to the ground. Somebody lifted his arm and it dropped lifelessly when released. Lacey's not wild about death, so she was in a bad mood for the next hour. Travis Ritter called an ambulance. Tit Pig played on.

As soon as we got outside, I noticed two girls yelling at each other in the McDonald's parking lot twenty feet away. Then the yelling became punching and hair pulling. I became a zombie and walked closer without thinking. Some people tried to step in but they kept fighting intermittently, arguing about one of them calling or not calling the other one a "motherfucking dirty ho." There was so much traffic, the McDonald's parking lot was crammed full. Somebody remarked that all of the traffic was from the Katy Perry show at the Key Arena. Soon the fighting started again with more intensity. One of the girls started yelling that she wanted to stop. The other girl stood up while picking a clump of her hair off of the ground. She walked away while repeatedly yelling, "Yeah, that's right!" to nobody in particular. As she passed me she put the clump of hair back on her head.

Seconds later an obvious panhandler approached and asked if he could ask me a question. I could only answer, "Another one?" It's no wonder why I hardly ever leave the house. The only question I could think to ask was, "I mean like people, who's fighting and what for?"