Sound engineer Doug Krebs wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday [emphasis his]:

... Last Tuesday night I was violently attacked by the lead singer of this band, Jon Russell. This was after a performance he attended of his recent tourmates'... He did not know who I was—this could have happened to anyone. This attack was without any provocation... After approaching me at my work station and rudely accusing me of not being attentive or qualified for my job (which everyone in attendance refutes completely) I calmly asked him to leave. He angrily demanded to know what my name was. I told him I was not going to talk with him and asked him to leave once more. Thinking it was over, I went back to resetting the board. Out of nowhere he attacked me and began to choke me, pulling me out of the sound booth and digging his fingernails into the back of my neck while pushing his thumbs into the front of my throat. After his friends noticed he was attacking me, they grabbed him and removed him from the club kicking and screaming. All of his friends apologized profusely saying he has a bad temper and was intoxicated.

I contacted Krebs early this morning and spoke with him on the phone in the afternoon. "My only concern is that he gets some help," he said. "I feel like if no one says anything, it could happen again down the road and end up really bad." Krebs says he's not angry with Russell, just concerned about something worse happening.

Late tonight, Sub Pop issued a statement from Russell:

I deeply regret and am ashamed of my uncharacteristic behavior last week. I have expressed as much to the owner of the establishment and attempted to apologize to the person who I hurt, face-to-face. And while my apology can't erase my actions or make up for anything, really, it is sincere. I am truly sorry.

More details as they emerge.

Originally posted at 11:00 pm, 8/29