Dum Dum Girls, Only in Dreams, Sub Pop

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"Go to sleep, everything is alright."
—Roy Orbison, "In Dreams"

For their follow up to I Will Be, one of my favorite albums of 2010, the Dum Dum Girls wisely continue their collaboration with Richard Gottehrer. The Los Angeles quartet and their producer remain stuck in the 1960s and the '80s, which is good news if you remember bands like the Primitives with fondness. A former member of the Strangeloves ("I Want Candy"), Gottehrer has produced countless acts over the years, most notably Blondie and the Go-Go's, clear influences on singer/songwriter Dee Dee (Kristin Gundred) and her fishnet-clad associates.

Click here for "Bedroom Eyes."

At first listen, I'm not enjoying Only in Dreams, which features co-production from Sune Rose Wagner, as much as the band's debut, though that may change with repeated exposure. Not too surprisingly, they're sounding more like the Raveonettes this time, an outfit about which I have neutral feelings (I don't turn the radio off when I hear them, but nor have I ever sought out their records).

Click here for "Coming Down."

There's nothing as immediately catchy as "Bhang Bhang, I'm a Burnout," which reminded me of the Primitives' should-be-classic "Crash," though the six-minute-plus "Coming Down" is a fine showcase for their torch-song side.

I also found them a little rough when they opened for the Vaselines last year, though they won me over by the end of their set. Neumos and The Stranger present Dum Dum Girls on 10/9 with Crocodiles and Colleen Green (21+).

From the "He Gets Me High" EP.

Stream the full album here. Sub Pop releases Only in Dreams on 9/27/11.