When the clock strikes midnight this Friday night, Karl Blau's Kickstarter will expire and only one of two things will happen: Blau will have raised $16,000, or he will have not.

I feel like it's hard for me not to know of anyone that hasn't caught wind of this in the 28 days since the campaign started. If you didn't, here's the deal: Karl Blau is raising money to finish his KLAPS series, which is his music subscription club, which stared in 2003. It may seem like an excessive amount of money to some but when Hollow Earth Radio's Garrett Kelly and I were chatting recently, I shared a link to the musician Steve Moakler's Kickstarter campaign. That guy was able to raise way more money than his initial goal just to produce and release one record of his bad/boring pop music. After discussing this further, Garrett made a good point: "$16,000 is what a person working minimum wage would make in one year."

Karl Blau is going to make 12 records...

He's also putting on something called the "Round the World Song Relay," where you can play a song in a time-slot that you sign up for, from wherever you want. As it was explained in this press release:

Here's how it works: sign up NOW for a time slot on September 30th from 12:01am to 11:59pm in which you will post/perform your version of one (or more) of Karl Blau's songs. The song will be... of your choice [and] from Blau's catalog in an environment of your choosing. For your time slot you may either share the song with the public via a pre-recording on YouTube/Facebook, etc. as an audio or audio/video link or you may just play it out into the ether to some friends or by your lonesome. You have total creative control.

Already signed up are the bands iji, tUnE-yArDs, Mega Bog, Little Wings, No Kids, and David Jaberi, but it sounds like anyone can sign up for this.

I've heard from everyone stating in some variation that "Karl Blau is prolific" but his genius hasn't crossed over into the realm where he can sustain himself with what he does all of the time already. I can say with my upmost certainty that Karl Blau is one of the dearest treasures that the NW has sprouted. He is a gift to the world and this is a small favor everyone can do for him. Pitch in if you can. If everyone doubled what they already contributed then Karl and everyone wins.

If you want to read more about this as encouragement, Kickstarter conducted an interview and Tiny Mix Tapes wrote a spam message.