• John Malta

Though it has existed on the tumblr for months, local artist and designer C.M. Ruiz recently published CMR Journal Volume One, a extremely limited comic zine that reveals an intimate portrait of one month of his life, starting from the day before his 24th birthday this year. In the zine, he illustrated and detailed, very candidly, the events of his life. Ruiz is the quintessential slacker romantic with a good taste in music and women, who has an unbridled flair for cheap thrills and adventure. (Full disclosure: I sublet/cohabited Ruiz's house while he was bumming around New York for two months this summer.)

The illustrations are both simple, yet detailed, with charming characterizations of himself and his friends, girlfriends, ex-lovers, and bands he rubbed elbows with. He takes you on long walks through the streets of Seattle, into bars, basements, DIY spaces, backyards, and beaches where shows are going and/or friends are converging, to the bank to cash a check, into his living room where he plays video games and naps off a hangover, and all the way to his bed. He expresses joy, boredom, and sadness, but he isn't afraid to admit his shortcomings. It's one of the most genuine autobiographical comics I've ever read. And it's even better in zine format.

Ruiz's concert posters, album art, band tees, and CMRTYZ label/clothing company can be found all around the world (look no further than Obey Clothing, Rough Trade in London or high-end fashion stores in Singapore and Osaka), but in town you're likely to see his posters around Funhouse, Rendezvous, and DIY spaces like Black Lodge and Cairo. (He's also been recipient of Poster of the Week more times than you'd think.)

Volume One only makes it to the end of May, but if you're dying to know how the rest of his summer turned out, work your way backward on his blog.