Watertown is one of Frank Sinatra's, I think three, proper concept albums and dates from 1970. I'd guess he was making a leap, kinda, onto the trend as it was 1970 and a handful of other pop stars plus a MILLION long hairs had recorded "concept" albums in the wake of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper.


Composed by lyricist Jake Holmes, Mr. "Dazed & Confused," and producer Bob Gaudio the concept's narrative follows a heart broken father and his two little boys who are abandoned, abruptly, by his wife/their mother. Watertown is a sad and melancholy listen, not for your typical throw down, kids! Uh-huh, it's more of a Sunday morning come down kinda record, it's subtlety and sadness will sneak up on you.

If'n you give a shite, here is a real big review of Watertown AND a track by track analysis.

Oh, BTW...oddly, for a Sinatra record it didn't sell for shit and is a bit hard to find, at least the OG LP. I always get giddy when I see a copy on offer in a shop.