Cloud Nice's Nacho Picasso released the macabre video for "Bad Guy," the opening track of his excellent For the Glory album, yesterday. In it, the rapper mobs around town with O.J. gloves on, raps into a mirror with bloody handprints on his shirt, stands over the camera while wiping a hunting knife clean, and carries a woman's limp body through a Seattle park. It's all seriously dark stuff, but it fits the already evil-sounding track well, complete with its threats of hiring Juggalo hitmen and tales of puking in your parents' new car. Not to mention that "Seattle we go hard/You can ask Ken Hamlin"—one of the coldest hyperlocal rap references I've ever heard. But none of this fazes Nacho, as he reflects while puffing a blunt and admiring the city skyline from the rooftop, like a rap comic-book villain. A city full of hip-hop heroes like Macklemore needs antagonists.

For the Glory dropped last month—which is like half-a-year in internet days—but its Bandcamp page just received an update that includes the Blue Sky Black Death/Raised By Wolves instrumentals and a way-nice remix of "Benjamin Segal" by Ninja Tune-r and back-in-the-day Def Jux affiliate Blockhead. Stream it above. Meanwhile FtG is rocking some pretty significant buzzwaves, even landing Stereogum's Mixtape of the Week earlier this month, so if you've been sleeping on this one, go download it and get hip to the "Tat in the Hat's" gloomy, spaced-out supervillain mack-raps.