I somehow stumbled on this creepy horror film on UHF TV when I was 12 or so, I think in the middle of the night after an evening of skateboarding and huffing glue in suburban Ohio. I watched the entire thing in the kitchen of a house we'd recently moved into, I remember because everything about that night turned super creepy. The Changeling (1980) remains my favorite horror movie today, though it didn't age very well. Somebody made another Changeling in 2008, but I've never seen it. Apparently all of the titles for movies have been used, or something.

The setting for most of the film is supposed to be in Seattle, but just a few shots of ol' Drizzleville were used. Though you can spot SeaTac airport, University of Washington's Red Square, the Rainier Tower, and the Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge. A majority of the film was shot in Canada, mainly in Victoria and Vancouver, and passed off as Seattle.

George C. Scott (one year after he appeared in gnarly classic Hardcore) stars as Dr. John Russell, a musician who moves from NYC after his family is killed in an auto accident. He's trying to get over the horrible death, so he moves into a gigantic underpriced mansion, which is obviously totally haunted. The creeps start creeping right away and one would assume that it's Russell's family doing the ghosting, but it turns out to be a boy who was the rightful heir to a political family who was murdered in the gigantic underpriced mansion because he was born crippled. Oh, I just told you the entire plot.

But really, if you haven't seen this movie, now's a good time to do it. Make some popcorn with olive or sunflower oil. I like to add pepper and nutritional yeast along with paprika, lemon salt and soy sauce out of a spray bottle. Get yourself a blanket! Cuddle up with a loved one! It's getting cold out there!