Giorgio Momurda doesn't have just a hilarious name that conjures up images of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in the studio with an Italian disco producer legend (hey, it happened with Phil Collins), he makes some pretty fresh slaps too. The Eastside resident released a free collection of what he calls "mainly throwaways" on Bandcamp earlier this week, but a few listens are enough to make you wonder what kind of heat this dude has stashed away if he thinks these belong in the trash. Momurda mines multiple genres for his tones and samples, mixing in dub (no bro) breaks and bass wobbles, warped or pitched-up/down vocals, even Asian string plucks. His drums tracks are consistently hip-hop, but range from spacey, downtempo head-nodders to straight Yay Area-style hyphy knockers. The third track "Mondre Momurda" appeared on Oakland duo Main Attrakionz' awesome Dark Grapes & 808s II—one of my favorite releases of the year—and features an incredibly smooth switch-up from cruising reggae bounce to breezy sax-sampling kickback halfway through the song.

Momurda has also produced for the likes of Lil B, and is collaborating on an EP with fellow 425ers Kung Foo Grip to be released in the near future. Download Momurda's beats for free, bump to em, rap to em, talk shit about em in the comments, or whatever you prefer.