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"End loafs of bread, black bananas, and broken crackers." —RTX, "Black Bananas"

After releasing three raucous records as RTX, Jennifer Herrema has changed their name to Black Bananas. In September, Dave Segal described RTX as "less arty and subversive" than Royal Trux, her previous combo with Neil Hagerty.

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Near as I can tell, there isn't much difference between RTX and Black Bananas, which features the same players (Brian Mckinley, Kurt Midness, Jaimo Welch, and Nadav Eisenman). Since RTX has been touring with Kurt Vile as of late, it only makes sense that he would appear on their first single, a cover of the Rolling Stones' "Before They Make Me Run."* RTX video for "Black Bananas" below.

Over the years, Herrema has also modeled for Calvin Klein, interviewed Keith Richards, and designed denim. Love it or loathe it: the lady has a style. About her layers of fur, flannel, and leather, Herrema told Vice, "When I get on stage and start to sweat it feels good, like my skin is all soft. I like to sweat my ass off every night. If I don’t sweat when we’re playing I don’t feel like I’m doing my job."

* In 1986, Pussy Galore, which featured Hagerty, covered the entirety of Exile on Main Street.

Drag City releases Rad Times Xpress IV on 1/31/12.