Yesterday I found an amazing mix CD on the sidewalk just one block from the office. It was titled Yesterday Love 5, and it had the most random collection of artists on it—from Temple of the Dog and Ozzy Osboune to Bonnie Raitt and Sugarbabes.

But I kept the last song a secret, leaving it up to a reader's poll to guess. There was quite a debate in the comments over which song was the most fitting closing number: Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You," Lisa Loeb's "Stay," Green Day's "Basket Case," Prince's "Come," or Aerosmith's "Amazing."

The majority of Line Out readers guessed Boyz II Men, with Lisa Loeb being a close second. Some of you got all Sherlock Holmes on this shit, too.

Cosby says: "I am analyzing this tracklisting far too much, but I am almost certain it is not Lisa Loeb because of the inclusion of Avril Lavigne and Vanessa Carlton. The person who put this CD together missed the Lilith Faire thing, they are younger by a few years. If I were to estimate their age, it'd be approximately 24-26. If a person likes Lisa Loeb and Chamillionaire, the world would collapse."

Jason Josephes says: "It's Stay. It wouldn't be 1994 without Lisa Loeb. Plus it's the perfect Warm 106.5-like segue from Norah Jones."

Brian says: "I think it's Green Day because this mix gives me the creeps."

DrewZandonella-Stannard turned it into a Spotify mix, "so we can all experience it together."

But blip was right all along: "'Come' was released in 94. It's a creepily fitting song title for the final track -AND- as proven by the preceding 16 tracks, the person who made this CD is gross. Case closed."

Track 17, the last song on Yesterday Love 5 is "Come" by Prince. The song clocks in at over 11 minutes and it includes really gross, slobbery make-out noises. Ew!

Congratulations, blip. You win the CD! Just e-mail me with your mailing address. I'll put it in the mail. You know, if you want it.