What Belongs on the Ideal Tropical Soundtrack?


The Refreshments "Mexico" is kind of required here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3BCe4gk-…

Anything off of Tennis's "Cape Dory" wouldn't go amiss either, especially "Marathon": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsbXcJT8y…

And of course, Johnny Socko's anthem (in Spanglish!) to drinking 40s underage, "Tortugas" (sadly, no link, but you can get on iTunes).
This may not be your taste, but you can probably get some ideas.

Mexico playlist:

Mexican Radio - Wall Of Voodoo
Amor A La Mexicana - Thalia
I'm Too Sexy - Spanish Version - Right Said Fred
South Of The Border - Frank Sinatra
Dance Dance (The Mexican) - Thalia
Saludos Amigos - Saludos Amigos The Disney Collection
Bay Of Mexico - Kingston Trio
Echa Pa'Lante - Thalia
Mambo Lupita - Grupo El Mexicano
Guantanamera - Celia Cruz
Mexican Hat Dance - Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
South Of The Border - Patsy Cline
Mexico - James Taylor
The Tijuana Jail - Kingston Trio
All the Tequila in Tijuana - Kevin Fowler
Theme from Zorro - The Disney Collection
Rie y Llora - Celia cruz
La Cucaracha - Mexico
Unfortunately the vibe on the Yucatan is far too often Italian techno and bad Bob Marley cover bands.

What you should be listening to is NO WHITE BOY ROCK AT ALL, but cool breezy tunes from the likes of Astrud Gilberto, some tasty Cuban rhythm classics like Perez Prado, Mongo Santamaria, Tito Puente, or Celia Cruz, or some more recent Latin/Island hot stuff like Zacarias Ferreira from the Dominican Republic. Yucatan is as much Caribbean as it is Mexican. For Mexican, just put your hotel room TV on "Bandamax" and let 'er rip. If you can handle the tuba.
"Jump in the Line" by Harry Belafonte
@4: I've got Diego Garcia and Mexican Institue of Sound as well, but I'm afraid I'll have to bring some white boy rock, because, well, I'm a white boy.
Ooh, El Rego.
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '65. And some '66.

Can't go wrong with Gilberto and Jobim in general.

Martin Denny, Les Baxter...
For me, no trip to Latin America is complete without a bunch of reggaeton, but I'm guessing you won't be dancing with many sexy, sexy Latino men. Or really cheesy pop like Chichi Peralta.

And if you wanna get really literal, there's the TMTS song called Yucatan Gold.
Damn! Schmader beat me to it! ;-;
Mexico *is* North America. I fear you'll be hearing a lot more Dave Matthews than Nortec Collective on Isla Mujeres. Have fun and wear sunscreen.
Jackie Mittoo!
Harry Nilsson's Coconut song is mandatory.
While you're getting ready to go: Hot Tuna's "Easy Now" is very fine.

When you're there:

Ry Cooder's album Chicken Skin Music.
The Dead: Mexicali Blues.
martin denny for cocktail hours...
Wear an overly large hockey jersey and only listen to Daddy Yankee for the entire trip. That's the only way to do it.

PS. The tracklistings to DJ Chilly's El Sonido broadcast on KEXP is what you should be listening to on your trip.
Charanga Cakewalk's "El Brown Recluse"
..and ummm.. some esquivel !
As a compromise to your whiteness and vibe of your destination, may I suggest the series of "Bossa N' _____" albums.

You get a nice mellow Bossa soundtrack with music you already know and enjoy. There is Bossa N' Marley, Bossa N' Roses, Bossa N' Stones, Bossa N' Ramones and my personal guilty pleasure Bossa N' Punk. How can you not enjoy the gentle swaying of the palm trees when you hear "I don't like Mondays" to a sweet lazy bossa rhythm?

Particularly Bluesette.

Tito Puente's awfully fun - especially when he does Thelonius Monk:

Boys of Summer.
At the Beach by the Avett Brothers and King of the Beach by Waaves. Both are fun and perfect for a tropical holiday.
"Tiki Torches At Twilight" by David Lindley and El-Rayo Ex. Makes fun of yuppies pursuing tropical cool.
@20, is that really...bossa nova...on the...HARMONICA? (Furby voice) "woooooried".
@21, yeah. Grant needs to listen to ALL DON HENLEY on his vaycay.
If you must have some reggae, may I suggest Desmond Dekker rather than Bob Marley. Bob is just so obvious.

Beck, for the white guy rock that hints at mexican-ness. Plastilina Mosh, for actual mexican white guy Beck-ness.

Manu Chao/Mano Negro for hipster politics
Club Fonograma has some nice lil compilations for free download on their website.

This is the latest one:

Rest are here:
@27, damn you, I already have 200 records I haven't listened to yet and now I have 200 more.
@25 Don Henley is perfect for vaca.
I don't know why anyone else bothered, Schmader solved your problem right off the bat!
I was in Isla Mujeres last year for my brother's 40th. Very slow, very laid back place. Great if that's your mood. Most people go there for the day from nearby Cancun, we were there for a week. I rented a bike in town and found I could get to town amlost as fast as my family on a golf cart. I put on stuff that was pretty chill to slow myself down to Island pace.
El Guincho's Alegranza won't disappoint. Also anything by Esquivel or Combustible Edison.

The Panama! and Colombia! compilations on Soundway Records are ideal too.
@29, yes, if by "vaca" you mean "cow". Which it does, in Spanish. Mr. Brissey is unlikely to encounter many cows on his trip, though.
Ummmm..Mexico IS North America, Tard...But you gotta have some Control Machete on that list:Si Senor is a start and some Jon Langford..the Maine To Mexico song. Bring a basic Geography book along a s a beach read
Add Prototypes (french, but feels beachy for me...probably bc I first listened to it in San Pancho) and Virgin Islands
Well, if it's just "beachy" you need, and you don't care if you've got the right ocean or not, you can't go wrong with Gabby Pahinui. Amazon's got "Pure Gabby" on download for nine bucks. There is no finer Hawai'ian artist; as one Amazon reviewer (not me) puts it, "There are many slack key guitarists of equal or better technique, as well as singers with beautiful and soulful renditions; but Gabby has what every maestro must have; the ability to be, not just play, the music. He's got the aloha."
The last time I was in the Yucatan, 20 years ago, "Boom Boom (Let's Go Back to My Room)" and "Everybody Dance Now" seemed to be the soundtrack of choice. I can't imagine anything has changed.
QOTSA "Mexicola", National "Fake Empire" (just love the National when I'm away, and at the Neptune 12/1)
Ingest some peyote and listen to John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana's version of "A Love Supreme." Thank me later.
For watching an ocean horizon endlessly, you cannot beat The Ventures "Live in Japan." Obviously, it's even better if you're watching people surf.