The co-owner of my favorite Seattle record store, Wall of Sound, has made a podcast for one of my favorite local blogs, Made Like a Tree. WOS proprietor Jeffery Taylor has curated an eclectic 87-minute blend consisting of some of his most cherished cuts, including an unreleased AFCGT track. It's delightfully out of time (and full of space) and unhinged from current trends.

I know you're probably experiencing podcast fatigue, but this one's worth powering through your laptop blues to get to the muy obscuro gems (Nico Fidenco, Tony Mottola, Polanie, Girls Tape Store, and Post Industrial Boys are totally new names to me, and I'm old. I hadn't heard those Hendrix songs, either.) Lots of sonic revelations per minute here. It all makes perfectly illogical sense.

Listen to the podcast here.

1. Sun Ra - Medicine for a Nightmare [El Saturn]
2. Lamb - Hawaii [unknown]
3. Nico Fidenco - Resurrection [Lucertola Media]
4. Tony Mottola - Guitar Thing [Project 3]
5. Captain Beefheart - My Human Gets Me Blues [Revenant]
6. Hendrix - Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window [unreleased live version]
7. Warsaw - unknown [pre Joy Division demos]
8. Funkadelic - Funky Woman [unknown]
9. Polanie - Nie Zawroce [unknown]
10. Little Ed & The Soundmasters - Its a Dream [Numero Group]
11. Girls Tape Store - Melt [Sucre]
12. Sun Ra - Advice to Medics [El Saturn]
13. White Noise - Love Without Sound [Island]
14. AFCGT - Suitcase [Unreleased]
15. Creations Unlimited - Chrystal Illusion [Soul Kitchen / Numero]
16. Post Industrial Boys - Melon [Max Ernst]
17. Ron Buford - Deep Soul (Part 2) [BGP]
18. Jimi Hendrix - Level [Astan]
19. Curtis Mayfield - Think [Curtom]
20. Alice Coltrane - Turiya and Ramakrishna [Impulse!]
21. Blo - Chant to Mother Earth [Strut]
22. Jimi Hendrix & Larry Lee - Mastermind [Experience Hendrix]
23. Sonny Sharrock - Who Does She Hope to Be? [Axiom]
24. Pastor T. L. Barrett And The Youth For Christ Choir - Like a Ship [Numero]
25. Bhattacharya & Brozman - Lullabye [Riverboat]