There's a store in the Westfield Southcenter Mall that sells mostly Bob Marley tapestries and t-shirts. As a genre of music, reggae is pretty misunderstood.


I'd reckon the common person doesn't know much more about it than weed leafs and use of the word "Jah." I've had friends become incensed (har har) by this, firing off names like the Wailers, Lee Perry, King Tubby, & Coxsone Dodd with a fury. They'll yell at you for not even knowing the soundtrack to The Harder They Come. I know that soundtrack! It's really great!

You Cant Get It If You Really Want.
  • You Can't Get It If You Really Want.

Last night, I was reading about the history of Morrissey's alleged racism. One missive claimed that the lyric "burn the DJ" in the Smiths song "Panic" was aimed at black disco DJs of the time. Morrissey's flirtation with skinhead imagery in 1992 didn't help his cause. In 1985, Morrissey declared that "all reggae is vile," sparking cries of racism. Later he claimed that the quote was just a joke and that he was a fan of reggae music.

I made a drawing of a t-shirt with Morrissey's quote drawn on the front and posted it on the Internet. People really liked it! Maybe not because they liked the drawing but because they hate reggae. I cannot tell, that's why I'm asking you. Is reggae vile?

"THIS IS THE BEST THING IVE EVER SEEN" - Lelah Maupin, 2011 (h/t Joe Rufa for the above video)

I guess this is as good a time as any to unleash the power of Hannah's Field's "Puff Puff Give" video (according to YouTube, 132 likes / 912 dislikes):