I’m convinced that the ’70s were the best decade ever for music. Rock, jazz, and electronic music mutated into myriad bizarre configurations (progressive, fusion, glam, metal, punk, post-punk, Zeuhl, kraut/kosmische, new age, disco, etc.) and major labels still believed in funding weird shit, so you got albums recorded on sizable budgets by some serious freaks. It would take you at least a few lifetimes to fully savor all the treasures of this bell-bottomed, mutton-chopped, spike-haired decade.

Weasel Walter—former badass drummer for Flying Luttenbachers, current badass drummer and composer for Behold…The Arctopus and many others—helps you to access some of the ’70s’ odder specimens with this mix for 8tracks. He digs deep for gems by Sir Lord Baltimore, Carmen, Amon Düül II, the Residents, Goblin, the Mirrors, Streak, and more. Listen up, learn a lot.